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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The altiplano in the morning

 We first arrived on the altiplano after a difficult night on the train stranded for several hours. The day was however pleasant and we had fine views over the alpine lakes and mountain ranges.

Lake panorama

Life in the carriage

Llamas shepherded beside a pond

Farmlet compounds on the altiplano

We first arrived in Juliaca, where there is a long stream of market activity on the railway land right up against the train.

We then had to take a minibus to Puno as the train didn't go any further although the railway does continue to Puno.

Coming into Puno

Again along the rail tracks in Puno there were shanties selling crafts and other items.  In this particular one, I bought an alpaca jumper from the woman who had knitted it.

Here she is shyly consenting to be photographed with it.

Panorama of the town square

Panorama over Puno and the lake

Puno and the main square at night

A Catholic Marian church procession.

Mary rides on a puffy cloud!

Panorama from the moving bus

On our return from Bolivia, we again passed into Puno and drove out again in the direction of Juliaca en route to Cuzco. These images give a feel for the market activities along the tracks in Puno.

Many brick houses in Peru have uncompleted upper stories with protruding steel.

Washing clothes in the skimpy river

A Marian police check point

Farmlets on the altiplano

Burned off pasture

The Peruvian Andes come in view he one in the background may be the source of the Amazon

Panorama of the mountains with Nevado Mismi possibly in the background

First Inca ruin in Peru on the route

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