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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The return trip from La Paz to Peru was in brilliant sunshine and there were great views of the Andes all along the route. Although the bus was rocking around on the uneven road, we were still able to take some quite stunning video shots and even a few panoramas of the sweep of the mountains.

A first wide sweep panorama of the Andes taken from the moving bus

Crossing again by vehicle ferry at the Estrechio de Tiquina

A second Andean panorama taken when the bus stopped at a road summit

A third Andean panorama

Arriving again at Copacabana

We decided to stop this time at Copacabana and take a boat trip out to the Isla del Sol on Titicaca to stay the night in a little hostel on the summit the subject of the next chapter.

The cathedral at Copacabana or Basilica of our Lady is the site of the Virgin de Copacabana sculpted into wood relief by the Indian artist Francisco Tito Yupanqui. This comes from a tradition going back to the late 1500s, one of the oldest Marian shrines along with the Mexican Virgin of Guadeloupe.

Wikimedia view of the church

Panorama of the chuch and market

Sculpture of the Virgin of Copacabana (Wikimedia)

The restaurant in the courtyard where we had lunch

A beer for the 'boys'

A panorama of the shore taken during our first visit to Copacabana on the way to La Paz

Here are a few views of the Copacabana shore and main street to the dusty square where we waited for the bus on our first visit.

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