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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where Three Countries Meet

Exiting Iquitos by boat.

From Iquitos, we took off on a very fast speedboat at breakneck pace along the Amazon to Leticia, a Colombian border town pretty much right on the three country apex between Peru, Colombia and Brazil, sitting right next to Tabatinga on the Brazilian side of the border.

The boat was traveling so fast and rough it was almost impossible to take steady shots even with a moving video camera.

Another speedboat coming the other way.

A slow boat which we stopped beside to exchange passengers with.

For a while the boat went up a side channel of the river to dock at a riverside town.

The boat we passed was devoted to flying saucers!

Before long we reached the complex region where the three countries meet with Leticia showing on the far shore.

Leticia was a sleepy tropical town with a wild sunset and even wilder tropical fork lightning. As is typical of the Colomian approach, we had to find our way down to the police station and register or become criminal offenders.

Panorama of Leticia river front.

Leticia centre (Wikimedia commons)

Stilt houses (Wikimedia commons)

A wild sunset, followed by extreme fork lightning.

We were touted at the pier and stayed at the "Travelers Jungle Home", a funky homestay with a captive rodent and a squawking parrot.

Next day we caught an ordinary slow river boat for Manaus.

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