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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Machiguenga Villages on Day One

In the morning we set off on down the river, winding slowly away from the Pongo gorge, still passing down through a series of milder rapids, requiring careful navigation in the currents.

View back to the Pongo gorge.

Two more views back to the Pongo gorge cleft between the Andean foothills.

The rapids continue.

The river passes by high cliffs.

Jose Luis informs us we are calling in at a Machiguenga village to sample masato the alcoholic drink made by having the most beautiful women with the cleanest teeth masticating the yucca cassava and then allowing it to ferment with the saliva.

Stopping in a Machiguenga village to drink masato.

Fruit and pineapples cultivated in the village.

The village airfield.

Woven bags for sale.

We continued down river through further milder rapids ....

Last views back to the Pongo.

Approaching Timpia.

We then stopped in at Timpia, a second Machiguenga settlement with prominent evidence of missonary activity, complete with a blood red church altar, airfield and satellite communications as well as a health clinic with posters for epidemic and deficiency diseases and even family planning.

Panoramas of the airfield open space and village

Ocelot or Jaguar skin

A pet baby monkey

Health posters for yellow fever, tetanus, pneumonia, anemia, malaria, family planning,
responsible parenting and avoiding teenage pregnancy.

A very bloodthirsty chapel!

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